Ze worden steeds inventiever, die spammers

Gepost door Greet Op 07/01/09 3 Reacties

Hey little miss (Greet), Either you’re just using that name to hide from the police, or your parent’s were awful cruel to you. Anyway, you’ve probably gotten a few dozen e-mails from
losers who are freshly divorced from their 8th wife, have 5 bratty kids, a sexy picture of an overly-hairy back on their profile, and who just got promoted to flipping burgers at McDonalds. Either that, or you’re being hit on by the geriatrics who discovered the Internet and Metamucil at that same time and
are feeling as virile as a twenty year old.
Well, I’m not going to spend too much time talking about myself, but I’m good looking, muscular, funny,
exciting, adventurous, cool, a real man’s man — the kind of man other men want to be, and women want
to be with! But most of all, out of everything else, my best trait is… I’m modest. ?
So if you’re looking to further your career at McDonalds, or think that Liver Spots are really, really hot, then I’m not the guy for you. But if you want to meet up and have a great time and some great
conversation, then we should get together. If you think you can handle it, that is!
Talk soon,

Ik hoef hem niet maar als je je aangesproken voelt, mail gerust :D Haha.

Edit: HAHAHA. Ik was in een communicatieve bui dus stuurde ik hem deze vijf gevleugelde woorden: “Boy do I hate spam”. Daarna kreeg ik het volgende terug:

hey this isnt a spam at all i would be pleased to ge to know u as a friend iam real person froma r eal country this isnt spam or shit : )))

XD Bekijk ook vooral zijn MySpace (dat dus wel degelijk een persoonlijke pagina is in tegenstelling tot wat ik eerst dacht.)

Edit: Nog eentje om het af te leren, en dan terug studeren. Raakt iemand hier wijs uit?

no dorky one u didnt understand iam not desperately lonely man i have many communciations and travel to many places i just w ant to make new friends thought net it is noram l way to do so many amaercian and any one in the world dot he same u says as if i were the f rist who contact random girls on there picture i dont c ar e about photo i care about what they wrote some of myf riends meet girls f rom net here face tof ace so what ddoes this suppose to mean in ur opinion and many others yeah ….i do meet also ones in my country … i do want to make friends to share stuff talk in different fields and to improve my english writing :)

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  1. Mathias says:

    Haha, triestige dinges.

    Ik had iets teruggestuurd a la “Unfortunately for you, currently, I’m solely interested in boosting my McDonalds career. Oh, and Metamucil, of course. No time for love, Dr. Jones!”

    Anyway, ge gaat nu toch eens met ‘m afspreken? :D

  2. Greet says:

    Nee, he’s all yours :P

  3. lucie says:

    Ok, het is in theorie wel spam, maar in mijn ogen zie ik dat als een aanzoek tot een date. Zolang ge nergens uw kredietkaartnr. moet geven of iets betalen is er toch geen probleem?
    Aja, zielige request tot daten keur ik zelf ook altijd af. Maar moest het een knappen zijn zou ik mss wel een uitzondering maken.